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Going Green Initiative

B&C Plastics Ltd. cares about the environment and has now implemented its in-house “Going Green” initiative. Below are the some of the new policies which have been put in place to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Packaging:

Every day, we hear from customers who are interested in finding sustainable packaging solutions that will work for their products. Many of these companies currently use plastic packaging, but some of them want to move from glass or metal into environmentally-friendly plastics.
B&C Plastics Ltd. is currently running HDPE bottles with various percentages of post-consumer regrind (PCR) repelletized from the dairy container industry.  We are making the PCR HDPE bottles for specific customers who have requested these sustainable solutions, and most PCR HDPE containers require a minimum run of 50,000 pieces.  We define PCR as resin that has been used in commercial consumer applications (such as dairy bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.) and returned in community recycling programs to be recycled into new products; we do not consider industrial scrap from the manufacturing process to be post-consumer resin.


Manufacturing Plant and Warehouse

  • B&C undergoes voluntary audits by our utility providers to find ways to reduce our energy usage. Our latest audit led to an overhaul of the warehouse lighting system. We now use more energy efficient and eco friendly lighting.
  • All lighting is turned off in the warehouse during non shipping hours.
  • We reclaim our cooling water through a closed looped system.
  • All thermostats are turned down very low. We use exhaust heat from our machines to keep everyone warm.
  • All metal shavings or scrap which is produced in our machine shop is sold or given to recyclers.
  • All production workers are encouraged to recycle any by-products of meals such as paper and plastic.
  • When a plastic container or flash hits the floor. We recycle! It if is contaminated, we store and sell the plastic to converters who will use the plastic for non-food products. Some examples are plastic pallets, garden fencing, and even blue or green recycling bins.
  • The same goes for defects and mistakes in our plastic bottles. Any container which does not meet our quality policy is granulated and reused.
  • All our corrugated products have a recycled content. Any corrugated which has been contaminated is given back to our supplier for recycling.

Administration and Marketing

  • All of our new office equipment is ENERGY STAR-compliant.
  • We recycle all paper, fiberboard, and cardboard use in our offices. All new paper that we do consume has at least 30% recycled content.
  • All toners for printers and copiers are refilled with ink rather than replaced with new.
  • All clients have the choice to receive invoices through email rather than conventional mail.
  • All of B&C’s marketing efforts center on using email and the internet rather then direct mail marketing. By making our promotional flyers and catalogues available via email and web, we save printing costs, you the client eliminate the time waiting for the mail, and together we save the environment.
  • Everyone at B&C Plastics Ltd. encourages you to be smart and help protect the environment by recycling your old plastic, used plastic containers, and corrugated products. Look under Recycling Services in your municipality for more information on the nearest recycling center near you. Together we can make an impact.

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