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General Policies

Hours of Operation
We have Customer Service Representatives available from 7 AM to 4 PM Monday through Thursady.†Friday 7am to 2 pm. We can be reached by FAX, E-Mail, and Client Login anytime.

Minimum Orders
B&C Plastics does not carry a minimum order for stocked products.

Order Terms

Canadian Funds. Net 30 days, pending prior credit approval and good credit standing..

Rest of Canada
Canadian Currency. Wire Transfer unless other arrangements have been agreed by B&C Plastics Ltd.

International Shipments
American Currency. Wire Transfer unless other arrangements have been agreed by B&C Plastics Ltd.

Information for Wire Transfers

Please contact Customer Service at +1 (905) 427-3324 for bank details if remitting by wire transfer.

Please send payments by check to:
B&C Plastics Ltd.
767 Mckay Road
Pickering., Ontario. L1W 3A3


B&C Plastics Ltd. requires a written purchase order for all customer orders. Purchase orders may be faxed to +1 (905) 427-1548 or emailed to orders@bcplasticsltd.com

New Accounts
For new accounts, please contact the office.

For new accounts who require terms, a credit check will need to be fulfilled. Please fill and fax back our credit application.

All items manufactured and stocked by B&C Plastics Ltd. are F.O.B Pickering Ontario.
B&C Plastics Ltd. does make deliveries to GTA addresses. Please check with customer service for delivered pricing.

Custom Manufacturing
B&C Plastics Ltd. manufactures over 200 different containers. Not all items are stocked and therefore fall into a minimum requirement. Please check with customer service to determine whether the item you are interested has minimums and is subject additional costs.

Set Up Charge
Set Up Charge will applicable in the following situations.
Prepare and run samples from any unit cavity, prototype mould.
Below 25,000 units on all moulds under 1.8 L in capacity
Below 15,000 units on all moulds over 2 L in capacity
Prepare and run samples from any mould in a custom weight.

Standard Colors
B&C Plastics Ltd. manufactures and stocks all containers in natural and white. Certain items are stocked in more colors. Please refer to our online product specifications to see the colors available.

Purge Charge for Colors or Additives
Custom colors, special additives, or resins (including post-consumer resins) require the following minimums;
  • 25,000 units or greater for all moulds under 1.8L in capacity.
  • 15,000 units or greater on all moulds over 2 L in capacity.
If the above minimums are not met, a color purge cleanup charge will be applied.

Orders for custom items or colors cannot be cancelled once production has commenced or colorant has been ordered. Any products manufactured for custom orders will be the responsibility of the customer, once production has begun, and cannot be cancelled.

All containers are stack packed in new corrugated cartons with a polyliner.
Different options are available for largeware containers such as reshippers. Please see item specification sheets for available options. All container cases are on pallets.

Our standard pallet is a 48" x 40" four way wood pallet - weight 30 lbs

Should any customer desire to return product please contact customer service for instructions and authorization (RMA).

Health Canada and FDA Approved Resins
B&C Plastics Ltd. uses only FDA approved resins in the manufacture of our bottles. Please contact customer service to request resin specifications.

In House Colorants
B&C Plastics Ltd. keeps on hand numerous kinds colorants which we designate as in-house materials. Unless a different colorant is specifically requested on the customer's purchase order, B&C Plastics Ltd. will produce manufacture using our in-house materials. In-house colorants can periodically change and it is up to the client to ask for current colorant specifications.

Certificates of Analysis
Requests for Certificates of Analysis, other documentation, marking, or alternate product specifications, must be made in writing at the time of order.

Heavy Duty Bottles
B&C Plastics Ltd. is capable of manufacturing all container in regular, medium, and heavy duty weights. Should a customer want a certain item in heavy or medium duty, a setup charge and color purge charge would be added if minimums are not met. Certain items are stocked in medium and heavy duty weights. Please check item specifications for details.

Outbound Shipping
B&C Plastics Ltd. reserves the right to vary any shipment by up to 10% over, or 5% under, the ordered quantity. If for any reason the product cannot be shipped due to no fault of B&C Plastics Ltd., B&C Plastics Ltd. may invoice for the unreleased products, prior to the end of that month. Warehouse charges may be applicable.

Product Warranty
B&C Plastics Ltd. warrants its products will conform to product specifications. No warranty or representation other than is set forth in this standard warranty are applicable.

Each user must test its product's compatibility and performance with B&C Plastics Ltd.ís packaging products, and the user has the sole responsibility for evaluating and testing its products in B&C Plastics Ltd. No additional warranty or performance assurances are implied.

The burden of whether or not a product is compatible with our bottles ultimately rests with the customer. B&C Plastics Ltd. will assume no financial responsibility for a lack of compatibility.

Dock Appointments
B&C Plastics Ltd. Shipping and Receiving does not require dock appointments. We work on a first come first serve basis.

Warehouse Address
767 Mckay Road
Pickering Ontario
L1W 3A3 Canada
Dock Door Number 8

Pallet Charges
Pallet charges will be applied to all invoices.

Sample Requests
Please call, fax, or e-mail customer service, or use our convenient on-line form to request samples. All requests for samples from non-current B&C Plastics Ltd. clientele will need to provide a courier number and/or method of payment. Any charges for shipping of samples will be reimbursed to the client should the samples become an order.

Distributor Policy
Please contact the office for a copy.

Should you have questions or comments about our products or our company please contact your Customer Service Representative.

Customer Service
Tel: +1 (905) 427-3324
Fax: +1 (905) 427-1548